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Robotic Hysterectomies

If you are experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding, have uterine fibroids that don’t respond to other treatment, a prolapsed uterus, endometriosis, or chromic pelvic pain, a hysterectomy may be the best treatment. A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus, and sometimes may include the cervix , fallopian tubes, and ovaries as well.

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Why Choose Robotic Surgery?

A traditional open  abdominal hysterectomy procedure includes an incision that expands from hip too hip. An incision this big can cause, a prolonged recovery and more pain. With the advancement of technology in the medical field, through robotics, Dr. Altenbern is able to perform a minimally invasive Hysterectomy. Not only does robotics help with precision, flexibility, and control, (making the procedure safer and quicker) it also allows Dr. Altenbern to make small laparoscopic incisions resulting in minimal bleeding and a full recovery in 2 - 3 weeks.


How does it work?

Once asleep under general anesthesia,  Dr. Altenbern makes several tiny incisions in the abdomen, one above the navel and the others on the sides. Then, a  slender tool containing  a lighted miniature camera is inserted through on incision, allowing full view on a HD monitor of the uterus,  inner abdomen, and pelvis. Next, Using advance robotic technology, Dr. Altenbern employs surgical tools that remove the uterus. If necessary, at this time he will also remove your ovaries and fallopian tubes. Because a hysterectomy does end your fertility, Dr. Altenbern will discuss this in detail with you, answer all questions, and make sure that you are ready to proceed with the surgery before ever scheduling a robotic hysterectomy.

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